Thankfully, the rain was gone by morning, but I still had to pack up a wet tent. A wet tent makes for a heavier backpack! I had more rocks and mud, but the trail had flattened out a lot! The bugs have been bad due to all of the standing water. I have been starting … Continue reading Maryland

Leaving Harper’s Ferry

I left Harper’s Ferry bright and early. The rain had moved on, but left a raging, roiling Shenandoah river. Part of the hike away from Harper’s Ferry took me right by the Shenandoah. Part of the trail near there was closed due to flooding. I just kept praying there would be no flash flooding. The … Continue reading Leaving Harper’s Ferry

Virginia Rocks!

These are all pictures of the trail from the middle of the Shenandoahs to Harper’s Ferry. Every Hiker I have talked to recently has feet that are hurting. So many people talk about the rocks in Pennsylvania, but the ‘rocks’ in Pennsylvania are boulders and don’t hurt your feet like these rocks do. Continue reading Virginia Rocks!