I got the results of the tests I had done in the E.R. I tested Negative for Lyme, but Positive for Ehrlichia- a tick-borne Disease that is similar to Lyme, and also treated with antibiotics. Basically, when you get bitten by a tick infected with the bacteria, it transfers the bacteria into your bloodstream and … Continue reading Ehrlichia

I ❤️ Salisbury, CT!

People here have been so nice to me. I’ve always heard that ‘Northerners’ are stand-offish, but that has not been my experience at all! The first night here, I stayed with Vanessa, because I knew I would get in later in the day. I knew Vanessa did laundry at her house. I had a very … Continue reading I ❤️ Salisbury, CT!

The Bates Motel

The WiFi Hot Spot: This is not my hair in the shower: The rest of the shower: The broken toilet handle: Bathroom curtains: Lavatory: Cobwebs: Front Curtains: They gave me a double room. The other bed had a dip in it, so I switched to the other bed, which was comfortable. The TV has Fox … Continue reading The Bates Motel