People On The Trail Know Who I Am!

22 thoughts on “People On The Trail Know Who I Am!”

  1. Happy Birthday! I am walking the Appalachian trail vicariously by reading your blog. Keep writing and taking pictures when you can. Take it slow and enjoy the surroundings.


  2. Wonderful post and that Bud is a hero. The image of your snow angel in a nice bed is a treasure. Proud of your ‘coming out’ and making the grapevine – a very special birthday fur a SUPER SPECIAL WOMAN !


  3. Oh I hope this is a Birthday you’ll always remember! Sounds you are experiencing personal growth. How appropriate for each of us as we get a little older and a lot wiser. Rebound on a enjoy each day!


    1. Thank you sweet Sister in Law! Though I’m definitely not looking for anything out here, I do hope for personal and spiritual growth. I’m definitely enjoying it more this time–so much less fear, stress and worry!


  4. Dear Rebound, Another great post from you. Your birthday sounded special. Happy happy again. I really love all the trail names. The Baptist Church did lovely things for all of you. Mailing the picture was such a sweet idea. Time to close. Be careful and continue to have fun. c


    1. That Baptist Church was awesome! Some of the hikers I keep landing with sent their note to their grandparents! 💕

      I enjoyed my birthday very much. The only way it would have been any better is if Bud had been there.


  5. Rebound this is not Little Bear but her Mom and I also am following your blog on Amy’s site. So happy to hear that your time in Franklin N.C. was enjoyable because it is my most favorite place in the whole wide world—-especially Wayah Bald. I won’t be back in that area until Oct. but I will be in Maine June 27th-July 9th, not that far from Mt. Washington, Andover, and Bethel Me area and even closer to the Rangley Lake area. If you happen to be there during the same time that I am then I could possibly available to help you with some slack packing. My cell phone # 386-237-0223. Bev


    1. Hi Little Bear’s Mom!! I feel honored that you are following me! Thank you for the kind offer. I will certainly keep that in mind. I would love to meet you and I would love to meet Little Bear in person as well. Franklin is a friendly little town, and the area is gorgeous. I can see why you love it. ❤️


  6. Rebound, I checked with the Audubon society and the “who cooks for you” owl is the Barred Owl. I’m loving reading your journey. My prayers are with you.


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